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"We will play a leading role in implementing and advancing Patient Blood Management.”

President of Korean Society for Patient Blood Management
Kyung Hwan Kim

Esteemed members and distinguished guests.

I am truly honored to stand before you as the newly appointed President for the forthcoming two years, beginning in 2024. The weight of responsibility feels particularly profound, given the extraordinary talents that characterize our membership.

As we celebrate a decade since the establishment of our society in 2014, I extend my sincere appreciation to the five past presidents, executive team, and all our esteemed members who have been the pillars of strength throughout this journey.

Let's turn our attention to the realm of Patient Blood Management(PBM). Unlike when the concept seemed like uncharted territory, it now resonates prominently within our nation's medical discourse requiring improvement and advancements. Looking ahead, I believe that robust collaboration with diverse clinical societies, including The Korean Society of Blood Transfusion(KSBT) and our esteemed The Korean Society for Patient Blood Management(KPBM) is needed.

Aligned with the regulatory amendments to the Blood Management Act in 2022, a collaborative initiative with The Korean Society of Blood Transfusion(KSBT) has been underway, focusing on the education of personnel in transfusion management within major medical institutions. These educational endeavors seamlessly integrate into our regular academic conferences. This year, our aspirations include an expansion of content and scope, reaching a broader audience and facilitating the mainstream adoption of the PBM concept.

KPBM, as a multidisciplinary consideration of patient blood management, is dedicated to extending collaboration with various clinical societies. Our goal is to ensure the judicious application of PBM principles in diverse clinical settings.

We find ourselves at the crossroads of transition from an era where blood was hailed as a savior to one where we acknowledge its potential for harm. This realization underscores the urgency of evidence-based transfusion practices. The Korean Society for Patient Blood Management(KPBM) is steadfast in its commitment to playing a responsible role in patient-centered education, research, and academic pursuits, steering towards a future where our contributions stand as a testament to excellence.

I humbly seek your support as we embark on the next chapter of KPBM's development and future endeavors.

With profound gratitude.

Kyung Hwan Kim, MD, PhD
The Korean Society for Patient Blood Management
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea