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"We will play a leading role in implementing and advancing Patient Blood Management.”

President of Korean Society for Patient Blood Management
Tae-Yop Kim

Dear colleagues,
The Korean Society for Patient Blood Management (KPBM) was established based on the critical task of introducing and implementing the concept of Patient Blood Management (PBM) to physicians and healthcare providers and enhancing patient care in 2017.

Despite KPBM's constant efforts and achievements in the domestic spread of the concept of PBM and the advancement of PBM-oriented patient care and active scientific activities with overseas PBM experts, there are so many things KPBM has to do for the successful introduction and settlement of the concept of PBM in Korea in the future.

In addition, by the Enforcement Rules of the Blood Management Law of the Korean Government revised this year, the KPBM has started its central role as an institution in charge of training workers in the Transfusion Committee in major medical institutions in Korea. To this end, the KPBM is developing an educational curriculum based on a clinical-centred perspective to be delivered to the members of the Transfusion Committee. Through this role, the KPBM has been given a significant mission to introduce the PBM concept and implement an advanced PBM strategy in Korea. I believe that the KPBM should play a leading role in the future advancement of PBM in Korea, and your join and your contribution to KPBM is essential.

Thank you very much.

Tae-Yop Kim, MD, PhD
President of the Korean Society for Patient Blood Management
Professor of Department of Anesthesiology, Konkuk University School of Medicine